Good day dear readers,

This is by no means a complete guide to ARM leveling, but some things I tried along the way. As of first posting, I reached ARM36 and hope to get 50 soon to meld some delicious Materia. Of course, these lines represent my humble opinion that might not be shared by everyone. I'm by no means a consumate crafter either. But if one thing here helps you out, then I'm happy I wrote those lines.

I'll post my things in order, but as I remember them (that's why some levels might be missing). I'll do my best to complete when I remember more.

- When crafting for XP, I first use abilities that will make Standard Synthesis successful until at least 60%. Then I use Careful Synthesis a few times, with Quality enhancing if available. I always try to reach 85% Progress before reaching 25 Endurance. That way I ensure that a Standard Synthesis can get me to 100%. If I'm successful, I use Careful Synthesis until I reach about 12 Endurance. The higher the quality, the better XP but it's better to succeed your Synthesis than make lousy XP on missed crafts.
- Keep your Wind crystals and shards like the most precious treasure!
- Rest XP is your best friend.
- Do not use Rest XP and Engineering Manuals at the same time, you'll hit the bonus XP cap and loose the EM's bonus (and they cost precious Faction Points).
- I try to craft recipes between 3 and 6 levels above my own: strikes a good balance between XP and risks.

15-20: I found that Local Leves at lvl20 are quick to get you there.

25-30: I subbed BSM to make some Iron Nuggets en masse, and then crafted hundreds of Iron Squares.
25-32: With Iron Squares, I did Iron Barbut Visors (about ARM34 recipe)

35: I started doing lvl40 Local Leves, gives about 1.5k XP per crafts on normal XP (not RXP or EM).
32-38: With Iron Squares, I did Iron Celata Visors (about ARM40 recipe)

39-40: With the Cobalt Ingots from the Leve in LL, I make more rings… but mostly with RXP and Manuals

39-50: I stopped crafting anything outside Local Leves entirely. I use RXP to boost the LL crafting, and some Engineering Manuals here and there.

46-50: Iron Greaves can help outside Leves, if you have an Engineering Manual to use.