Hello! I'm writing this guide to try and help future crafters in the linkshell try to understand some things that are usually confusing when you first start.

Let's get this started.

You'll notice you're crafting with an orb. The colors vary as you go through the process. To my knowledge it's still all theory as to what colors do what, I personally work under the assumption that different colors affect success rates. If anyone knows for a fact that it is different, please let me know and I'll fix this part of the guide.

"The item is aglow with a pure white light." The orb is white. When you start any recipe, it starts at this color by default. It has the highest success rate, making it the ideal color to have your orb.

"The item is aglow with the colors of the rainbow." The orb is flashing between colors. It's a step lower than white, with slightly lower success rates.

"The item is aglow with a radiant yellow light." The orb is a steady yellow. It's a step down from the rainbow, again with lower success rates.

"The item is aglow with an ardent red light." The orb is a steady red. It has the lowest success rate.

"The harnessed 'Element' element becomes unstable!" One of the elements used in the specific recipe has become unstable, resulting in lower progress gain, higher durability loss, lower quality gain, and lower chances for a step to succeed. To make the element stable again, you need to wait until it fixes itself, craft until the element "grows chaotic" and stabilizes from it, or use an ability granted at later levels for various crafts, specific to the element.

Onto the actions every crafter gets.

Standard Synthesis. "Synthesize normally with a focus on success." Using this increases your progress bar, with low quality gain and standard durability loss. With no abilities, the highest it will increase your progress is 25%. Quality gain is between 5-20ish, and durability loss is usually between 7-10.

Rapid Synthesis. "Synthesize rapidly with a focus on progress. Failures incur higher losses." This will either succeed, or fail. Upon success, it will increase the progress bar with no loss of durability, and no quality gain. With no abilities, the highest progress gain you'll get is 30%. Upon failure, you lose between 18-23 durability.

Careful Synthesis: "Synthesize carefully with a focus on quality. Durability degrades more quickly." Using this increases your progress bar, and quality, with about 7-10 durability loss. and a max of 5% added to your progress bar. Quality gain ranges between 20-200.

Wait. "Wait and observe the current synthesis." Using this has a chance of changing the orb's color to a more favorable color, and has a chance of stabilizing an unstable element.
You lose one durability per use, and stacks with cumulative uses. For example, Using wait once, you'll lose 1 durability. Using it again will make you lose 2, and again after that you lose 3, and so on. You generally don't want to wait more than 2 turns in a row.

At level 15, every craft gets the ability 'Hasty Hand'. This abilities can only be used at the start of a recipe, and when used, has a chance to automatically bring progress to 100%. It also has a chance to lower your durability by 50-100, usually resulting in the automatic failure of the synth. With either result, you get half of the experience you would normally get.

Quality affects the amount of experience you get from any synth. Higher quality results in higher EXP gain. Your target items to make to level up are things about 5 levels above your own.
At lower levels, before you get abilities to help with your syntheses, a good way to get high quality for better EXP is to use Rapid Synthesis 2-3 times. The goal is to reach about 60% progress. If you haven't reached it with the second Rapid Synth, you should finish the synth with Standard. If you have reached it, use Careful Synthesis until complete.

I hope this is helpful! If anything can be improved upon, or is incorrect, please let me know and I'll fix it as soon as possible.