Original Author: Holy Dragoon
Original Guide: Dragoon Quests Guide
I did this up for our LS members, but I figure I'll share it with the community too. If there are any glaring error, let me know. I was running on adrenaline when I recorded this info It should be mostly spoiler free.

Here is a "how to" on how to unlock Dragoon, and obtain all the Dragoon Skills along with the Dragoon JSE (job specific equipment).
If the JSE weapon is a quest like these, I will add it to this guide in 1.22.

To begin the tale of the Azure Dragoon, you must be a level 30 Lancer and a level 15 Pugilist.

Still to do: Add maps.

Eye of the Dragon Level 30 LNC:
Speak to Haurtefert in the Lancer's Guild to begin and accept the quest.
Maximum of party of 4
Teleport to Camp Dragonhead (set Home Point, you will return here often)
Head to the Gates of Judgmenet and speak to Alberic X35 Y18
Head out to Camp Nine Ivies and head to Northwest X45 Y29
Kill the enemies and watch the cutscene!
Head back to the Gates of Judgmenet and speak to Alberic X35 Y18
Become a Dragoon
You will be given a new NPC Linkpearl which will let you know when new Dragoon quests are available.
You Learn Jump

Lance of Fury Level 35 DRG:
Maximum Party of 4
Head to the Gates of Judgmenet and speak to Alberic X35 Y18
Head to Camp Bloodshore into Casseopia Hollow X4, Y5
Kill the Bom Baron to complete your quest
You Learn Disembowel

Unfading Scars Level 40 DRG:
Maximum Party of 4
Head to Camp Dragonhead
Speak to Alberic at the Gates of Judgement
Head out to Camp Glory
Hunt Spitfire X50 Y35 and erase it from existence.
You Learn Elusive Jump

Double Dragoon Level 45 DRG:
Full Party Required for Aurum Vale
Head to the Gates of Judgmenet and speak to Alberic X35 Y18
Head to south X38 Y26 and accept Duty Calls
From here you must find the pieces of Drachen Armour form the following locations

Aurum Vale X33, Y35 (teleport to Camp Everlakes [Coerthas])
NOTE: You must complete Into the Dark (Dzemael Darkhold) to be able to access Aurum Vale
Speak to the NPC with a full party to gain entry.
Open the first gate by standing in the circle after killing the mobs.
Avoid poison in the next main room by standing in safe spots.
Do not step in the pools, you will take extra damage.
I suggest pulling a few of the mobs back to you where it is safe, then proceed with moving forward towards the right, and down the hallway.
Make a run for it and head to X6, Y4 to find the Drachen Breaches

Cave North of Camp Brittlebark (Mor Dhona)
Stick to the narrow path to the East
Head to the cave at location X18, Y18
Collect the Drachen Greaves

U'Ghamaro Mines (teleport to Camp Iron Lake [La Noscea])
Fight through the first gate, then head to the upper left-most gate in the next section.
Destroy the gatekeeper to gain entry (as per normal for all strongholds)
Head inside this second gate.
Collect the Drachen Gauntlets

Cave north of Bluefog (Thanalan)
Head North to the cave at location X24, Y7
Collect the Drachen Armet
Once you have all 4 pieces, the quest will flag complete.

Fatal Seduction Level 50 DRG:
Full Party Allowed
Head to the Gates of Judgmenet and speak to Alberic X35 Y18
You will also obtain your final 2 Dragoon skills
Head to Camp Riversmeet
To the South, Slay the Stollenwurm at X18, Y22
You Learn Ring of Talons

Into the Dragon's Maw Level 50 DRG:
Full Party Recommended
Head to the Gates of Judgmenet and speak to Alberic X35 Y18
This is the final quest to obtain Dragonfire Dive and the Drachen Mail
Head South to the Griffin Crossing X43, Y27
To start this fight and have it count, you MUST BE ON DRAGOON.
Once the timer starts you may switch Jobs/Classes.
Kill The 2 Bosses Greywin and Wyrmblood

Our Party (after many trials): PLD, WHM, CNJ, THM DRG X4
Start the fight, swap jobs/classes and let timers reset for buffs.
Communication really helped us deal with hate resets and glowing AoE enemy skills.

Phase 1: Good luck
Dealing with Wyrmblood
- PLD immediately grab hate on Wyrmblood. Your role is to kite and keep your HP up while the healers look after the rest of the party (occasionally healing you when you need it)
- Be cautious when kiting, the is an open world instance and you can exit the circle fairly easily by mistake.
- Wyrmblood hits HARD even on tanks with full buffs. Regular attacks will do upwards of 900 dmg.
Wyrmblood will use Jump and Elusive every so often. When this happens, hate resets. Wyrmblood stops moving before Jumping so everyone in the party can pop enmity reduction skills. If you get Hate, kite Wyrmblood back to the tank.

Dealing with Greywin
Note: Greywin is Lightning based. Thunder is nearly useless here.
- All the rest of the party, begin attacking Greywin immediately. Hate will be bouncing off of all of you throughout this. Throw everything you've got at Greywin. Attack from the sides, as Greywin has a brutal Cone magic attack and rear Line attacks.
- One healer try to keep AoE stoneskin on the DD group, they're going to need it, along with strong heals.
- Occasionally he will Glow Purple. When this happens, DD SCATTER in all directions and kite him until he fires off his ability. This will keep you all alive, or help you take minimal losses. Odds are 1 or 2 of you will get hit regardless.
- At 25-30% He will permanently glow. At this point if you are not already, burn him down with all you've got. He will go down believe it or not.

Phase 2: Converge on Wyrmblood
- This phase is relatively straight forward for a while. Keep kiting if you need to recover party MP. Converge on Wyrmblood and cease kiting when ready. Healers keep up Stoneskin on the party when possible.
- Burn him down,but keep an eye out for enmity. Although it shouldn't be a problem at this point.
- 50% He will begin using Ring of Thorns every so often, expect AoE damage that is tough to avoid from here on out. Ring of Thorns hurts, but save second wind if you can spare it.
- 40% Be ready for Dragonfire Dive. It's tough to spot, as visually it starts like a regular Jump attack. When he lands, you'll be taking a whole lot of damage in a fiery display of awesome. Pop second wind and healers work to get everyone back up to near full health…. because…
- 10% Dragonfire Drive Part Deux. The last ditch effort to take your party out. I hope your party was able to heal up properly, or else you might be in trouble. WHM comes in handy here, as they can pop Benediction. (Our group used Benediction & Sacred Prism + Cura) After surviving this attack, he should go down.

Enjoy the extremely satisfying conclusion to this story.
Head to the Gates of Judgmenet and speak to Alberic X35 Y18
You Learn Dragonfire Dive
You obtain the Drachen Mail