For now just a bunch of links, please add more, and as I become more familiar with it I'll try to add some also.

Militia Drops:
Militia Point Breakdown:

Hamlet Defense Strats:

    Party Setups that have worked well for me/us, well meaning > 60k a run:
  • Pld, Whm x3, DoL x2, DoH x2
  • Pld, Brd, Whm x2, DoL x2, DoH x2
  • Pld, Whm x2, DoL x2, DoH x3

      General rules to follow:
    • The first 90 seconds are vital. Get an Attack+ for your archers and an Attack- for the beastmen before the first wave spawns.
    • Keep those attack up/down active at ALL[\b] times.
    • When there's little or nothing left for normal mobs pop the other buffs/debuffs, you get points for having them all on at once, if you can, and having used them all at least once.
    • Tank be in position to claim the animal mobs. They do not sit there forever.
    • It's ok if you let the boss NM get away while fighting the 2nd animal. Do not go dragging the animal around trying to get hate on the boss.
    • Get the undead mob quickly, this is the job of the 4th DoW/M (3rd whm or brd/drg/mnk) if you have one or the 2nd Whm.

    • Aleport

      This hamlet calls for a slightly different than normal strategy for the boss. There's no great place to tank so for best results sitting at the mouth of the tunnel and face tanking serves well (On the red dot). A Pld can easily hold him without ever losing hate and will not kill it too fast, with the survivability of a good Pld the Whms(3 is good for this hamlet) will need nothing more than an occasional regen and letting the Pld pop cover on them once or twice.

      The green path is about the best you'll find for kiting off the aggro when turning in or picking up pots/crafts. 9 times out of 10 you will have lost aggro before turning back at the end. Once in a while you'll get the unlucky event where the kobold chasing you will turtle up before getting into archer range and you'll have to re run the route but that is rare and shouldn't cause too many problems anyway.

      Golden Bazaar