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Attributes for Disciples of the Hand will increase the resulting product’s quality.

Main Hand: VIT / Off Hand: DEX
Main Hand: STR / Off Hand: MND
Main Hand: VIT / Off Hand: STR
Main Hand: DEX / Off Hand: INT
Main Hand: VIT / Off Hand: INT
Main Hand: DEX / Off Hand: MND
Main Hand: INT / Off Hand: PIE
Main Hand: MND / Off Hand: PIE
No changes were made in patch 1.19 for either Disciples of the Land or Disciples of the Hand.

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1-15 Sheep Leather, Sheep Leather Vamp
15-23 Dodo Leather, Dodo Leather Vamp
23-25 Midnite Black Dodo Leather
25-29 Diremite Sinew Cord, Buffalo Leather(28), Leather Vamp(27) *Buffalo hide is kinda expensive here. But you can reuse it with vamp recipe
29-36 Cotton Singlet(35) *Not expensive if you can find cheap Diremite Sinew Cord, but you’ll need sheepskin to make most of ingredients in this recipe.. / or Cotton Breastcloth(38) if you can find cheap Diremite Web to make dew thread(WEA35), but you need sheepskin also..
36-45 Fleece(44) *using only 1 sheep skin for this recipe, you can farm with any sheep ^^/ boar leather -> boar leather strap -> boarskin shoulder guards ( Do not buy Sheepskin from ward if price more than 7200 gil, you can buy sheepskin as much as you want from NPC at Grinadia for just 7200 each )

45-50 idk…waiting for recipe revise in 1.19


Personnal notes

27-32: Take the Boar Hides you got from Local Leves and make them Leather.

34-36: Buy some Hippogryph Sinew and make all the Boar Leather into Boar chockers

38-44: Boarskin Shoulder guards! With all that Boar Leather you got from leves, you can craft these puppies for months!

45+: Actually, not for months. Raptor Leather here and there when you have some Skins. Militia Longboots if you have the money/mats (great for getting all that sweet sweet Anima back) but otherwise, it's Leves, Leves and Leves again. Gridania has some nice ones (since it's the Guild's city)